16 марта 2017

Training "Change management" Oksana Basmanova

Персоналии: Басманова Оксана

During the difficult times of changes, managers need special skills to deal with employees’ resistance to change, involve them into the process of change and make them the ambassadors of innovation. This training will help to review the managerial experience, understand the psychology of change, and gain the tools to manage the change rather than react.

Objective (Цель): To master change management skills

Programm (программа):

     Tasks (Задачи):        

  • — Work out key aspects of speech/presentation preparation;
  • — Develop emotions, voice and body management skills;
  • — Master effective audience management techniques.

Participants (Участники):TOP-management

In the program:

Psychology of change - individual reaction, steps of adaptation, changes and corporate environment

Life cycle of the company - stages, changes and problems at each stage, diagnostics

Intensive changes - signs, behavioural reactions, algorithm of actions

Team in a changing environment - personal and group dynamics, dynamics forecast, management aspects

Communication as a key tool - role, objectives, channels, messages

Skills to be developed: (Развивающие навыки)    

Analytical skills, decision making, teamwork.


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